Arseny Kostenko

Arseny is a FISPAN software developer, sometimes a manager, sometimes a mentor, always a team player.
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Data Is Not The New Oil (You'll Never Guess What Is)

Debunking A Bad Metaphor

No. Data is not the new oil, new gold or new bacon. No one is trading data futures in Hong Kong -  data is not a commodity. It can surely look like it, and it is [...]

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The Most Important Use of APIs

Like with almost any other acronym in the world, API was formed from a phrase that is generic enough to not be wrong and, at the same time, so generic that it loses all of its descriptive power, [...]

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Why Netflix is a Terrible Analogy for Banking Disruption

Anyone who has LinkedIn connections in FinTech, or has attended an industry conference over the past few years will recognize the tacit belief that “Banks are outdated and will be overpowered by a [...]

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