Cultivating an Admired Corporate Culture at FISPAN

FISPAN is delighted to announce that we have been recertified for the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a positive organisational culture that resonates with excellence. 

At FISPAN, we believe maintaining a strong corporate culture is the foundation of our success. Our core values -  trust, transparency, achievement, collaboration and inclusion, are practised daily and are a driving force behind our success. 

I would describe the culture as fast-paced, inclusive, flexible, and approachable. Approachable as in, the people that work here are friendly and helpful, and I feel like everyone is truly here to help one another make FISPAN the best product it can be.” Hailey Curtis, our Head of Production Support says. 


A06A6BBC-344F-4BCC-BF8A-A099F9D6A0A7Our team enjoying each other’s company at FISPAN’s 2023 Christmas Party. 

FISPAN aims to maintain a positive work environment. With weekly lunches and social events, employees have the opportunity to foster strong relationships with one another within and outside of work hours. Supporting the development of relationships within FISPAN increases both employee satisfaction and collaboration. Here is what recent team members commented on regarding their experience recently joining FISPAN:

“So, far I have noticed the company's strong sense of teamwork! The culture at the company feels collaborative with fellow colleagues supporting each other's successes.” - Sevena Sandhu, Software Developer Co-op

“From the last three weeks, it feels like there's a culture of wanting to collaborate within the company to make the best possible product. It's a lot of camaraderie both in work and with the fun social events.”  - Miguel Goquingco, Partner Success Manager

The overall corporate culture at FISPAN encourages employees to tap into their creative side and take on the challenges they face. The heart of FISPAN is its employees, and fostering a positive workplace is our priority. 

The recertification for the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award reaffirms FISPAN’s dedication to maintaining and enhancing a corporate environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and diversity. 


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