Product Spotlight: Introducing Remittance Linker by FISPAN

I’m excited to announce that FISPAN has just released our beta Remittance Linker, a free Quickbooks app.  It's a better way to keep A/R and A/P teams on the same page, by sending detailed remittance information for every payment. We are inviting our first beta users to help us test, polish and enhance the product before our general availability launch later this year. QuickBooks (and soon Xero!*) users can click here and follow the step-by-step wizard to try it out.


How it Works

Select the vendors you want to send remittance advice toSet up and customize your e-mail template

Fig 1. Simple configuration & vendor selection make it a snap to be a good customer

Linker is designed to be a simple set-it-and-forget-it assistant that ends the cycle of back and forth A/P-A/R queries between businesses.  After a simple installation and configuration (figure 1), Linker automatically sends emails to vendors as their bills are paid, along with the details of the payment (fig. 2). It works for all payment types and service providers and is especially useful for companies who are migrating from checks to digital payments.

e-mail with remittance infoFig. 2 - Beautiful, Customized emails keep your vendors’ A/R folk happy


Why We Built It

FISPAN is a fintech company dedicated to helping businesses get more value from the products and services they already use, by making them work together better. We believe that customers and vendors will each benefit immensely if structured data can be exchanged between their accounting systems in a private, secure, and permissioned way.  Our beta release is just the start - we have big plans for Linker, including releases for A/R teams.  We welcome you to join our beta community and provide feedback. We couldn’t do it without your help.

*Remittance Linker will soon be available for installation by Xero users.
Contact us to get on the Xero beta testing wait list.

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