The Missing Piece to Your Sage Intacct Environment

Simplify your treasury management functions and manage your entire payables process from within your Sage Intacct App. FISPAN’s embedded solution integrates with your native Intacct environment to create an immersive, embedded banking experience. 

What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management solution streamlines core accounting processes in one central location. Thousands of businesses use Sage Intacct’s ERP solution to simplify and automate their core operations, with 65 million customer records and 35 million vendor relationships managed in Sage Intacct alone. Built by accountants, for accountants, the Sage Intacct Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system includes General Ledger, Cash Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Consolidation, and Reports functionalities. Home to a financial professional’s operational processes, the Sage Intacct ERP environment is an integral part of their day to day activities and a key area where banking clients spend their time. 

So What's The Missing Piece to Your Sage Intacct Environment?

When you think of your treasury management functions, what comes to mind? For financial professionals like bookkeepers and cash clerks, the descriptors “time consuming,” “tedious,” and “manual” commonly arise. 

As a financial professional, the importance of the ERP system cannot be understated. Acting as a central hub for core operations, ERPs like Sage Intacct enable streamlined workflows for financials, sales, manufacturing, distribution, construction, and more. All of these functions are integrated into the Sage Intacct environment....except banking. Because of this missing piece, many financial professionals spend hours on their treasury management functions: navigating back and forth between their banking portal and Intacct environment, manually processing payments, or spending additional hours importing and exporting transactions. These processes certainly expose vulnerabilities for human error, demand hours for manual and repetitive processes, and regrettably divert focus away from your team’s high-value operations. 

ERPs and BankingFISPAN was created with the purposeful intention of filling that gap and finally bridging the connection between clients and your commercial banks and providing you with the missing piece of the ERP puzzle. For you, great news! The days of switching between your online banking portal and Sage Intacct environment are over. Today, you can embed your banking services directly into your native Sage environment with FISPAN’s embedded banking solutions. 

FISPAN’s Embedded Banking Solution for Sage Intacct 


FISPAN has partnered with Sage Intacct and top tier banks to deliver to you a seamless commercial banking experience with FISPAN acting as the intermediary between your bank and Sage Intacct. With FISPAN’s embedded application specific to Sage Intacct, you’ll no longer need to navigate between your online banking portal and Intacct environment. This instantly transforms your treasury management experience and allows you to process payments directly through Sage Intacct! 

How the Connection is Made Possible

Through secure two-way connectivity, your banking capabilities are brought into your native Intacct environment through APIs. These financial APIs are made more accessible via Open Banking, which allows financial institutions to share consumer-authorized data with third-party platforms (like FISPAN!). This practice is gaining momentum worldwide and encourages innovation while still empowering you to have control over your data.

Embedded Application Solution Features

FISPAN’s Embedded Application enables you to automate your payables, receive payment status updates, streamline your reconciliation process, and much more:

  • Payments & Status: Pay ACH, Wire, and Check payment rails from within your Sage Intacct environment 
  • Information Reporting: Stop “swivel chair accounting,” while navigating back and forth from tab to tab. View bank account and transaction details all in one place
  • Positive Pay File Issuance: Print checks in-house where Positive Pay files are transmitted directly to the bank  
  • Payment Status Updates: Receive real-time notifications on bill payment updates and be first-to-know if any payments require action
  • Streamlined Reconciliation: Switch your focus from manual error-prone entries to automated processes and streamlined reconciliation 
  • Bank Data Feeds: Automatically import your bank statements into the reconciliation module within your native Sage Intacct environment
  • A2A Transfer: Easily transfer funds from account to account

Embedded Application Solution Example: How to Pay a Check  

FISPAN’s embedded Sage Intacct solution is designed to simplify treasury workflow in your native Intacct environment. Amidst the integration’s many features, paying a check can be summarized in four simple steps: 

  1. Create a bill 
  2. Pay the bill 
  3. Print the check 
  4. Confirm the printing

manage your payables in sage intacct

1. Create the bill from within your Sage Intacct environment

Select Your Bill in Sage Intacct
2. Select the bill that needs to be paid in the “Pay Bills” section. Once the “Check” payment method is selected, click “Pay now”.

A green banner will appear, confirming that the payment was processed successfully.

3. Once the bill has been paid, you can print the check from the ‘Print check’ section, after which a printed check will automatically be generated.

4. Upon marking the ‘confirm’ button, the bill will now be marked as paid.

With just a few simple clicks, your payments are processed from one central location.

Your Bill is Marked as Paid

How You Benefit From FISPAN’s Sage Intacct Payments Solution

As a financial professional, accurate and timely recording is integral to the success of your organization. Don’t let your team be bogged down by repetitive and manual processes. 

FISPAN is the bridge between your native Sage environment and bank. When FISPAN’s Embedded App integrates with your Sage Intacct environment, a host of benefits are enabled:

  • Make informed, timely decisions with increased visibility into all your bank account information and transaction details from one direct channel 
  • Save time for high-value activities: Eliminate manual steps and tedious transactional dual entry by streamlining your reconciliation 
  • Increase accuracy by automating your Sage Intacct Payments, while reducing errors caused by manual entry 
  • Stay up-to-date on your payments process through regular updates on bill payments 
  • Enable clear levels of accountability by identifying which bills were paid by each user 

Sage Intacct Payments Integration: Real Life Example & Feedback 

Financial professionals wear many hats, making the ability to have streamlined treasury management workflows more important than ever. We spoke with a Controller from an up-and-coming media company to learn more about their experience using the Sage Intacct Payments Integration, powered by FISPAN’s embedded solutions.

Through the two-way connection between their bank and Sage Intacct environment, quick and secure payment processing, reconciliation, and cash management were enabled. Once burdened by manual checks to ensure each bill had been paid, FISPAN’s embedded solution created a single point of entry to their accounts payable. With processes available in one central location, the Controller saved time and can now focus on other high-value activities. 
Other financial professionals see the benefits of FISPAN’s Embedded Solutions:

“Accountants see the value in the process and internal controls; less manual, more automated. [They] appreciate the touch points and customer service, being collaborative - [that] was missing with [our previous bank].”


Simplifies the accounting processes and reduces errors because everything is in one portal.”

“Onboarding was straightforward and very easy. Great way to increase productivity - work is mostly done with the plugin. Time and efficiency gains are huge – saves a few hours per week. We just need to approve, click and pay, it’s very easy!”


Sage Intacct users can easily integrate their banking capabilities with FISPAN. After speaking to your bank representative, simply download the integration from Sage Intacct marketplace using our step-by-step guide. In just 20 minutes or less, you’ll connect directly with your bank and decide which data you’d like shared.


Interested in how you can benefit from embedding banking capabilities into your Sage Intacct environment? Contact us for a demo or to see if your bank currently offers FISPAN’s embedded solutions. 

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