Meeting Sage Consultants - Fispan’s journey at the Sage Partner Summit

This blog post is written by Dorian Simon, Product Manager at FISPAN, who shares FISPAN's experience at Sage Summit 2023. 

FISPAN is a leading financial technology company that specializes in integrating bank treasury services directly into ERP systems, enabling streamlined accounts payable and reconciliation processes. 

As a trusted partner of banks, FISPAN offers comprehensive banking capabilities seamlessly integrated into various ERP systems, including Sage Intacct.

Our Experience at Sage Summit 2023: 

As the Product Manager at FISPAN, I had the opportunity to represent our company at Sage Summit 2023. This event, organized by Sage, brought together a diverse community of partners, including software developers, ISVs, consultants, and resellers. The summit serves as a platform to network, exchange ideas, and gain insights into Sage's latest products and services. Being part of this event was a no-brainer for us, as it provided valuable insights into Sage's strategic direction and upcoming innovations.

Accompanied by our exceptional team, including Zack Manning, SVP of Revenues, and Mara McGoey, Senior Business Development Manager, we embarked on an unforgettable journey to Vegas. Our goal was clear: connecting with as many partners as possible and understanding how we can provide better Accounts Payable and Reconciliation solutions.


The week kicked off with a captivating keynote by Sage, setting the stage for an exciting event. We were thrilled to learn about Sage's investments in AI, infrastructure, and customer experience for the coming year. These insights aligned perfectly with our vision of leveraging technology to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

Engaging with Partners and Receiving Valuable Feedback at the Booth

The rest of the week was spent at our booth, engaging with partners from all over North America. It was an enlightening experience as we conversed with numerous consultants, SAIPs, and VARs, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs. The feedback we received was resoundingly clear: accountants were in need of reliable bank feeds integrated directly into Sage Intacct. It was surprising, yet gratifying, to hear from consultants who had already worked with FISPAN for their clients.

The time spent in Vegas reinforced our belief that the industry is heading towards providing banking capabilities right within ERP systems, like Sage Intacct. We take immense pride in developing solutions that simplify the lives of accountants by offering seamless integration and empowering them with comprehensive tools.

Overall, the four days at Sage Summit were invaluable for exchanging feedback and understanding the importance of reliable account payable solutions and bank feeds. Collaborating closely with SAIPs, VARs, and accounting firms to support and implement FISPAN became a clear priority for our team.

A recurring question that arose throughout the event was how we can expand our partnerships with more banks. Rest assured, we are actively working on this and will provide updates in the coming months.

If you are a consultant, VAR, or SAIP interested in exploring the power of the FISPAN plugin, we encourage you to reach out to us at We would be delighted to provide a demo or a sandbox invite so that you can experience the solution firsthand and showcase it to your team and clients.

As an official provider of Sage Intacct Bank Feeds, we offer a wide range of available bank connections. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more or access our Partner Guide, packed with valuable resources. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.


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