Personalized, Contextual Banking with Virtual Assistants with Jake Tyler

"The key is making it a simple and intuitive interface that really anybody can use."On the latest episode of the If I Ran the Bank podcast, Jake Tyler, Co-Founder and CEO of Finn AI, sat down with [...]

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3 Step Plan to Kill B2B Checks with Erin McCune

In this episode, Clayton sits down with Erin McCune, a Partner at Glenbrook, to discuss her 3 step plan to use request to pay ACH payments to replace checks and how it would benefit both banks and [...]

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Solving the Payments Problem with Lisa Shields

In this episode, Clayton sits down with Lisa Shields, FISPAN’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, to discuss the one thing she would go all-in on if she ran the bank. With a focus on the [...]

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Specialized Cross-Functional Teams with Andrew Obee

In this episode, Clayton sits down with Andrew Obee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ficanex, to discuss his ideas around innovation at the bank. Andrew discusses how FI's need to embrace [...]

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Building a Killer SMB Banking Franchise with Justin Ferrabee

At this moment in time, policy makers and banks have a real opportunity to make a profound impact on financial services which will benefit all Canadians.In an interview with FISPAN’s Co-Founder [...]

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