Transforming the Bank Experience with Dharmesh Mistry

Never underestimate the simple changes that can absolutely transform an experience.On the latest episode of the If I Ran the Bank podcast, we sat down with Dharmesh Mistry, CEO of AskHomey, to [...]

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Why your company needs to automate AP and AR now

Imagine communicating with clients through letters instead of emails, or hand-drawing a presentation instead of using PowerPoint. If that seems ludicrous, then why are you still accepting invoices [...]

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7 Trends in Technology that are Redefining Corporate Treasury

The role of corporate treasury continues to shift, with a significant part of the change being driven by new technology. Let’s take a closer look at the specific technological trends affecting the [...]

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How Open Banking Will Force Banks to Become More Transparent

It won’t be long before financial institutions start sharing data – whether they’re ready or not.

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How open banking will help push financial institutions toward the cloud

Banks may soon need to share information with other financial institutions. That will cause companies to finally embrace the cloud.

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