The Era of Manual Treasury Management is Over

Treasury teams are quickly running out of excuses for why their processes should still involve manual components. In our current technological environment, if there is a single operation within [...]

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How Finance Can Transform Your Organization

CFOs are in the best position to implement game-changing technologies. 

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3 Ways Banks Can Improve Data Transparency

At some point, financial institutions will need to start sharing customer information with fintechs. Here are three ways to make that happen. 

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JPMorgan & FISPAN Win Tearsheet's 2020 Bank/Fintech Partnership Award


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How Cloud Platforms Can Help CFOs Operate Their Teams Remotely

Choosing cloud-based platforms can mean the difference between major disruption to your financial operations and smoother sailing in the months ahead.

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Data Is Not The New Oil (You'll Never Guess What Is)

Debunking A Bad Metaphor

No. Data is not the new oil, new gold or new bacon. No one is trading data futures in Hong Kong -  data is not a commodity. It can surely look like it, and it is [...]

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4 Reasons Why Canada Needs to Adopt Open Banking

When thinking about countries like Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom, in many ways they seem like Canada’s equals. Reference points for social services, education, foreign policy and [...]

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Developing an API Strategy: What Banks Need to Know

Financial institutions must do a better job of developing APIs. Find out about the most common pitfalls and why outsourcing the work may be the right way to go.

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Three Key Facets of a Successful FinTech Partnership

Corporate banks are notoriously risk averse. As the old saying goes, nobody has ever lost their job for doing things the conventional way. However, those conventions are rapidly changing. Driven [...]

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The Most Important Use of APIs

Like with almost any other acronym in the world, API was formed from a phrase that is generic enough to not be wrong and, at the same time, so generic that it loses all of its descriptive power, [...]

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